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The video below was created for Pete Way Facebook Group's Bass Legend Pete Way of UFO, WAYSTED, OZZY OSBOURNE and MICHAEL SCHENKER at Londa R. Marks studio, administrator for Pete Way Facebook Group. When you Sign Up to Stay Informed you will be considered for membership of this exclusive private Facebook Group.


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Pete Way Facebook Group Images

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Londa R. Marks Studio is administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group with over 11,000 members. It includes memorabilia of one of the most important bass players in rock 'n roll. Shown here are from Pete Way Facebook Group which includes digital design, typography, image editing, retouching, alterations, color, techniques, screenshots, montages, surrealism, by Londa R. Marks.


JUNE 9, 2015

Not only does Pat Travers' passion connect with the audience but the band is on the same plane complimenting each other with some of the best players around executing his music, reading each other flawlessly. Pat’s professionalism is outstanding and he still has that one thing that adds to a musician’s success which is hunger. That is difficult to say about musicians who have been around since the 70’s, which is why Pat Travers is one of the best blues rock musicians alongside greats like Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore.

Rock Legend News Reviews

"I've always felt a special connection with you, Londa, because you always seemed to tune in to a deeper dimension of art and music and I could feel you were understanding even the smallest details of sound, the architecture of a piece of music. Sharing artistic experiences with you has always been a high that's impossible to duplicate." —Alex Masi, MASI


Lonnie Vencent (bassist HAWK & BULLETBOYS) said in an interview, “First, Londa was the fifth member of HAWK. She was a huge part of that. Second, I love working with her. She is the consummate professional.” —Lonnie Vencent, Basist for Hawk & BulletBoys


Lonnie Vencent (bassist HAWK & BULLETBOYS said regarding Londa R. Marks' Nikki Sixx drawings: "Londa, if only half of the musicians on this planet had your talent it would be such an awesome music industry. You are amazing!"  —Love always, LV"


“Who’s Londa? Londa? First, the best woman in the universe. My best friend and best manager.”  —Alex Pompili, Rock Journalist, Rome, Italy

Regarding an Interview I worked on With Pete Way for Tempi-Dispari Magazine, Rome, Italy: Pete Way (Bassist for UFO) Posted: "Thanks Londa, it's a great interview, Love, Pete xx"


Regarding my artwork:  "Brilliant work Londa. Love, Pete xx" (Pete Way, bassist UFO)


Pete Way Official: Regarding images I created for his FB page: "That's fabulous Londa. I'm trying to see if we can get your shots (the black and white and the purple hue one of me walking off stage) for the artwork on the new album if you would allow it. I'm also wanting to use one of them as a poster. You are so very talented xxx" (Pete Way, bassist UFO).

"Londa Marks hallmarks are professionalism, as well as great inspiration. There is no one more creative. The work she has done for me is beyond my highest expectations." —Alan Spencer, Alan Spencer Productions, Inc. (Sledge Hammer TV Series, Movies), Burbank, CA

"Hi, Londa. I can't thank you enough for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I really appreciate it. You have a consistently outstanding reputation for brightening other people's days. You also inspire others to do the same. I would encourage you to keep doing that. You are a very special person who is well respected, truly admired, and dearly loved by so many. If you need to reach out to me for anything, feel free to do so. I am here for you. Take care. God bless."

—John J. Rosenthal, (a.k.a. Johnny Rose), Usher at Lyric Opera of Chicago, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Associated Advertisers, Inc., S D & A Teleservices, Thelma E., June Rodgers, LLC, WKMQ, Rockford, Columbia College.

"Londa, as you'll find out, is a very special person, an incredibly gifted artist. She's also punctual, reliable, has the ability to meet deadlines "at all costs" and is a very hard worker. I have never met an artist with more natural ability and creativity."
—Doug Marks, Metal Method Productions, Inc.

Regarding Rock Legend News Issue March/April 2017 - “Enjoyed this very much, especially the section on Hawk and early Metal Method! Londa, your artwork was a huge part of the success of Metal Method. In a time before the internet, you created the visual impact and excitement that drew people to MM and made it look totally professional, even as a small “start-up"!" —Sarah Escher Spisak, Guitarist & Producer at Metal Method Productions, Inc.

”Awesome work…didn't realize you are a talented artist. Love this era of Motley Crue...and love your art.... talented lady." —Guitarist, Iggie Pistolero and The Band of Gypsys

Regarding Rock Legend News March 2017 Bass Legend Series Issue V Vol. V. Rik Foz was featured on the cover, "Dzienkuje Bardzo, Bravo, God Bless, and a Hearty Hi Yo Silver! To the wonderful and lovely Londa R. Marks once again, who is SO responsible due to her bestowing upon me the latest cover story in Rock Legend News, for the sudden upswing in all the positive comments and kind support on my timeline from all my readers and friends and fans...Take a well-deserved bow Ms. Marks!" —Rik Fox, Bassist for Sin, Steeler, Surgical Steel



JUNE 9, 2015

“Great review of a great musician!” –Bob Hewitt Producer Researcher FenderFilms Chester United Kingdom Media Production.


“Pat is always great live and a nice guy to boot.”

–Jerry Felden, Sales Representative at duplication.ca.


“Londa, nice review. I have seen Travers on a number of times and he and his band never disappoints. One of the greats that you just don't hear enough about these days. Take care and hope all is well.”  –Kevin Lahue, Owner, Chef and Culinary Educator with Healing Cuisine and Three Sisters, Greater Los Angeles Area


"I was LUCKY ENOUGH to get to open for him twice in my life and you are right no matter how big or small the venue they are among the best in the World!!!"  –Donnie Vaughn, Owner at Friends & Neighbors


“Hello Londa. Thank you for joining my professional network. I admire your work experience and talent. I enjoyed your review of the Pat Traverse band. I played with the band in 1984 lead guitarist all over south Florida and the Fort Lauderdale strip briefly. I Met Pat Traverse because we were neighbors in Coral springs Florida at that time. I still shred a mean “Snortin Whiskey.” But my favorite song I played with Pat was cream cover of Born under a bad sign.”

Best regards, —Brian Dyer


Pat Travers Band

Eddie’s Attic
Atlanta, GA



“Pat Travers is one of the best blues rock musicians alongside greats like Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore.” — Londa R. Marks


Blues Rock Guitarist Pat Travers performed at a small concert venue in Decatur, GA, the outskirts of Atlanta, on a Tuesday night, as if performing to a crowd of many thousands. When you experience Pat Travers prepare to be transported to his world of music as if nothing else around you exists for an hour and half. You feel his passion during the show and for days after. He attacks guitar impeccably with every ounce of his soul. His vocals are seductive and sound is well crafted. You become part of his message.


Most of the favorite Pat Travers songs were played including: Crash And Burn, Stevie, Statesboro Blues. The show started with hammering, hard blues rockin’ energy, not words describing what they were going to do, but pure power drew you in and didn’t dissipate, didn’t let go, didn’t stop. The end of the performance arrived too soon.


Since 1972 Londa R. Marks has been part of the music, arts and entertainment sector working in the areas of publishing, advertising, marketing, management, promotions, design, consulting, copy writing, IT Development, author and researcher.


During the 1970's she traveled and worked with rock band Nightwyng throughout the U.S. and 1980 is one of the founders and developers of music publisher Metal Method Productions, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA. Londa also is one of the founders, developers and sponsors of rock band Hawk in Hollywood, California with radio airplay during the 1980’s playing Hollywood venues alongside Motley Crue, Poison and similar rock bands. And, in 1993 she founded Alchemist Publishing, LLC after being published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., who houses 80 original oil paintings of Londa's in their

Londa R. Marks Timeline

 private art museum alongside Salvador Dali and Visconti-Sforza 15th century Italian art.

During the 1990’s Londa was asked to work as independent executive director of Design, Marketing, & IT Development for SNEN, a Jenna Jameson partnership for Adult Entertainment, and in the same capacity for Futurenet, an Internet Technology Company owned by Wall Street stock investors and angel funders. Both companies were in Los Angeles, CA.


In 2012, Londa started the difficult process of achieving residency and locating her studio to Florence, Italy where the Italian Consulate scrutinizes every detail about you with detailed background checks, detailed financials and about 25 lbs. of personal and business paper work. In March of 2016 Londa was approved in the U.S. and Italy.


2014 - Present
Retired. Founded nonprofits, passion projects:
Founded Londa R. Marks Arts & Music Studio, Rock Legend News for rock star news, interviews & reviews, is manager/advisor to Iggie Pistolero And The Band Of Gypsys, administrator to Pete Way Facebook Group. Unavailable for any other projects.

1993 - 2014
Design lines of fashion, jewelry, decorator furnishings, collector game cards and various new age products, Renaissance prints and stationary products.

1997 – 2002
Executive in charge of Marketing, Design & IT Development for SNEN, a Jenna Jameson Adult Entertainment partnership & in the same capacity for Futurenet Internet Technology Company, both in Los Angeles, CA.

1982 - Present
Computer programming & Graphic design with Corel and Adobe software, Developed Alchemist Publishing - an art publishing business for self invented and designed games, fashion, medieval furniture reproductions, luxury products and new age products.

1959 - 1986
Private Catholic (9 years) and public school.  Catholic grade school studied flute, piano and drums (lessons on drum pads), 70s & 80s: Guitar lessons (Les Paul Custom), Bass lessons (Fender Precision). Doesn't play.

1972 - 1974
West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Illustration, Oil Painting, Art History & Business. Studied under New York artist Murray Stern (1927–1985) an art professor from Athens, Ohio, whose work is in the Kennedy Museum of Art Collection; worked closely with him at West Virginia University and at his private studio.

1978 - 1980
University of Denver,  Illustration.

1990 - 1992 
IT Certified at UCLA Extension, Technology and Creative Writing.

HAWK ALBUM ART By Londa R. Marks &

HAWK IMAGE By Londa R. Marks

LONNIE VENCENT (Bass, BulletBoys & Hawk), CHARLES MORRILL (Vocals, BulletBoys & Hawk, DOUG MARKS (Metal Method), SCOTT TRAVIS (Judas Priest & Hawk)



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